Sunday, August 23, 2009

The Write Stuff- Michael Kors Very Hollywood Signature Pen

Michael Kors- you are a genuis! Now your handwriting can smell great even if your penmanship stinks thanks to the Very Hollywood Signature Pen ($25). The fragrance oil, which contains jasmine and gardenia, is blended with ink-- you can smell the scent if you sniff the paper. (Can't you just picture a femme fatale, sitting at a beautiful writing desk penning a Dear John note... Later, an unsuspecting man opens the note only to be heartbroken by the words- nay the scent- of his former lover....) Mr. Kors, you have my permission to use that for your commercials.

LAFCO- Waffer Soaps

Uhm... leave me a comment if you like packing soap for a trip??? No? I find it a complete pain in the butt. I try to always leave a bar of soap out for over night visitors but I have anxiety because I never know if A) I have a scent/brand that they would like and B) what do I do with the rest of the &%*$ing bar once they're gone? I thought I'd figured it out by just using liquid soaps but they are either made for male or female. So screw it, these mini bars are just perfect. I love that they are each a different scent and they are small enough to throw away after your guests are gone. They are milled seven times so you don't have to worry about them spliting and the colors will make your day. Get your own: (Order extras for me and we can split the shipping!)

Egg Crate- Anthropologie

I'm embarassed to say it- but I found out about anthropologie from my mother-in-law. Yes- she's stylish-- but shouldn't I have been the one with the store catalogue lying around? The whole darn store is adorable (and we have a new one at the Streets of Southpoint) but I couldn't resist sharing this egg crate! It's so much cuter than the styrofoam ones from the grocery store. And for the dear readers who have chickens (wife of a fabulous redneck) here's what you can put those newly laid treasures. Omelets for all!!!

Giverny Rug by Company C

A great rug can completely transform a room. I've decided that my next house will have a cute built-in kitchen table and this rug would be perfect underneath it in the summer time. It's artsy, fun, and a great way to introduce (or pull) colors into a room. Add for $68- it's a steal.

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Rosanna, Inc. Initially Yours Mug

I love calligraphy... Love it to the point that I collect old letters just because I like the way they look. There's something so personal in someone's handwriting... It's as if you have capture a part of them instead of just generic computer print. Know just how passionate I am about calligraphy you can appreciate the fact that I lost it when I saw these mugs from Rosanna, Inc.

18th century script is one of my favorites and I can't think of a better way to start the morning than sipping out of one of these beauties. And for $15 they are at a great price point to give as a birthday or hostess gift.