Friday, July 31, 2009

Sea Bags

I love it when old things are new again but only if it's done tastefully. Let's face it- shabby chic could be renamed "Chic or Shitty" because it either works or it doesn't. Sea Bags, however, totally gets it right! They handcraft brand new tote bags out of old recycled sails. The bags are ultra durable (with beautiful numbers) and symbols and they are a great alternative to the LL Bean bags that EVERYONE has.

It's really neat to realize that before the bag makes it's way into your hands- it's already sailed around the world. Plus there's something about carrying around a recycled sail that makes you feel nautical-- even if your are inland. Love it! Get your own bag to love here:

Sunday, July 26, 2009

Rowenta Travel Iron

Rowenta has been around since 1909. Their new product line includes the Rowenta travel iron weighing a scant 1.5 lbs. I hate traveling and packing but with this super cute and convenient product I'll manage. I love it when a fun product makes you want to do things that you typically avoid. :)

WhoMi Pocket Planner- GREAT for MOMS!

I found this planner online after looking for something that would keep track of everyone' schedule in one location. Currently, I keep track of 3 family members, 3 sitters and diet points- things can get complicated. If it's not in this planner-- it's not happening at my house :) I love the color coding and the ease of use. It's small enough to fit in one's purse which is a HUGE plus. Check out the website:

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

DB Fletcher (Capstan) Table

Ode to the DB Fletcher Table: How I love the smoothness of your expansion... (that's what she said!).... For only $95,000 you could be mine... Or I could get a new house instead.

Check out this AMAZING work of ART!

And then tell me how cool you think this is as well.

Levenger Notebooks

It must be said that I love all things school supply related. While some are okay with their BIC pens, I'm a Uniball girl through and through. Recently I was christened into the world of Levenger notebooks. Although they have been around since 1995, I just got in the on the act.

They are the IDEAL notebooks/planners for anyone out there who loves the simplicity of a spiral composition book with the convenience of a three ring binder. (Hey left handers- you can pull the sheets out and then insert them back to the notebook later!!!) They have great inserts as well so that you can create address books, monthly planners, project charts and To Do lists. Levenger also makes a hole punch so that any papers you may want to include can be added as well. Check them out at